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Ready to launch interactive training courses and a phishing simulator designed to enhance your organization's security awareness program.

Cost effective per user pricing.

Easy to use for IT, HR, InfoSec, Compliance and Risk professionals.

Resell pricing available for security consultants and managed service providers.

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Training Courses

Fully hosted ready to launch interactive training courses that are mobile friendly, easy for end users to launch! All courses are tracked and reportable.

Phishing Simulator

Phishing is the #1 risk facing end-user’s today. Use our comprehensive phishing simulator to test end-users with real-world risk scenarios and create a culture of cyber-security awareness.

Compliance & Reporting

Training course and phishing campaigns include tracking and reporting of invites sent, progress, completion and scoring with the Securecast dashboard. Reporting meets compliance requirements for SEC/FINRA/PCI/HIPAA and others.

Right Sized For Your Organization

Securecast was built for organizations of all sizes looking to meet their security awareness goals. Please select the description and size that best fits your organization below:

 Small/Mid (Under 1,000 users)

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Enterprise (Over 1,000 users)

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MSP / Partners

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GOV / EDU / NonProfit

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About Securecast

Securecast is a fully featured security awareness platform with ready to launch security awareness courses and a phishing simulator designed to enhance your organization’s security awareness program. Securecast is cost effective, easy to use and includes the tools you need to successfully manage your own security awareness training campaign.


Securecast is headquartered in Portland, OR USA. The solution was designed, built and managed by an experienced team of technology professionals with security and scalability in mind including the following features:
  • DigitalOcean App Hosting
  • AWS hosted MongoDB Database
  • SendGrid Transactional Email Relay
  • Developed using Angular JS by Google
  • Stripe Payments Processing
  • Securecast sanitizes lure pages on the client side to ensure that credentials are never sent to or seen by our servers.
  • Securecast ensures that simulations can only be launched against targets on your validated domains.
  • Securecast restricts launching simulations against public ISP domains.

Enterprise sized non-profit

Compliance solution provider to the financial industry

IT Management and infosec services

CPA and CyberSecurity consulting

Managed IT Security

 Leading supplier of building materials and construction services.

Regional Bank