Webroot Security Awareness Training

Launch interactive training courses and a phishing simulator to enhance your organization's overall security awareness, and comply with IT, HR, InfoSec, Compliance, and Risk regulations.

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Phishing Simulator

Phishing is the #1 risk facing organizations today. Use our comprehensive phishing simulator to test end users with real-world risk scenarios and create a culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Training Courses

The Webroot Security Awareness Training Beta includes one course on avoiding web threats: Avoiding Phishers, Hackers and Social Engineers. Updated mobile friendly, fully-hosted, ready-to-launch interactive training courses coming soon.

Compliance & Reporting(coming soon)

Upcoming full Webroot integration will include tracking and reporting of invites sent, progress, completion, and scoring. Reporting will help meet compliance requirements for highly regulated industries.

About Webroot

Webroot delivers real-time multi-vector protection for endpoints and networks and threat intelligence services. As part of our commitment to securing businesses and individuals in the connected world across all cyberattack stages and threat vectors, we have acquired Securecast technology. A fully featured security awareness platform with ready-to-launch security awareness courses and a phishing simulator, Securecast offers a cost effective, easy-to-use solution to enhance your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture.


Webroot is headquartered in Broomfield, CO, USA. Webroot Security Awareness Training was designed and built by a team of technology professionals with security and scalability in mind including the following features:
  • DigitalOcean App Hosting
  • AWS hosted MongoDB Database
  • SendGrid Transactional Email Relay
  • Developed using Angular JS by Google
  • We sanitize lure pages on the client side to ensure that credentials are never sent to or seen by our servers.
  • We ensure that simulations can only be launched against targets on your validated domains.
  • We restrict launching simulations against public ISP domains.