Securecast was created by two co-founders from Oregon, USA each with 15+ years experience in technology including web development, solution design and information security. Our team is dedicated to providing not only an excellent product, but is also highly focused and trained on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Daniel Fox
Co-Founder, CEO
With 15+ years’ experience in IT Management and Information Security, Dan recognized the risks that end users present to an organization while also seeing first-hand the value that comes in building a culture of security awareness. Dan's most recent role as IT Director and InfoSec Manager at Smarsh, a leading SaaS based compliance firm with 20,000+ clients worldwide primarily concentrated in the financial industry lead Dan to realize how valuable and important end user awareness is for firms of all sizes. "The large enterprise sized firms with logos we know all recognize the risks associated with social engineering, phishing and other common end-user security threats" says Dan, "as a result enterprise firms implement enterprise class security solutions including comprehensive awareness training programs. Securecast was built with the goal of providing the same enterprise class security training to organizations of all sizes that is easy to manage and easy on the budget."

As co-founder of Securecast, Dan is committed to helping all organizations create a culture of security which he believes is at the core of a secure organization. In addition to working with Securecast and Smarsh clients, Dan enjoys spending time with his 2 year old son River, new baby Stella and wife Sarah.

Shane Crockett
Co-Founder, Developer
Shane is the principle software architect behind the scenes at Securecast. Shane brings 15+ years’ experience in web development in education, financial and government industries. Shane is experienced in multiple web technologies and participates in local web development organizations. In addition to working on Securecast’s many software development projects, Shane enjoys gardening and raising chickens, rabbits and other farm animals with his wife Noël.
Michael Price
Operations Manager
With over 15 years of technology experience in a wide range of industries, Michael is responsible for day to day operations at Securecast. Focused on training, end-user education, and support, Michael is passionate about providing the highest level of customer service to Securecast clients.

Michael is an avid Portland Timbers soccer fan and his hobbies include backpacking, snowboarding, running, and fly fishing. He resides in beautiful Bend, Oregon with his two young children.