Powerful Security Training, Made Simple.

Awareness training courses and phishing simulation platform.

Humans can be either the strongest or weakest defense against threats. Security leaders are, more than ever, seeking to increase security awareness and influence end-user behavior while also boosting security performance, as well as supporting productivity, accountability and compliance. – Gartner 2016


Securecast provides you with the tools you need to successfully and effortlessly manage security awareness campaigns with maximum impact for the end-user.

A fully featured phishing simulator with an always expanding and relevant template library allows you to engage your users with real world phishing scenarios.

Engaging and interactive training courses are available on the platform and can be sent out directly to end users who can launch courses in one-click on their mobile device, tablet or laptop.

All training and phishing campaigns are tracked for reporting, brand-able for internal or re-seller use and can be launched in five simple steps.


Phishing Simulation

checkbox Simulation Management Wizard
checkbox Contact Manager
checkbox Phishing Email Templates
checkbox Phishing Lure Page Templates
checkbox Phishing Educational Page Templates
checkbox Integration with Training Courses
checkbox Reporting Center

Security Awareness Training

checkbox Training Campaign Management Wizard
checkbox Contact Manager
checkbox Training Email Templates
checkbox Comprehensive Course Library
checkbox Reporting Center Tracks Completion and Quiz Scores



Contact Management

checkbox Contact import using CSV or web based form
checkbox Use tags to group contacts by client or business unit
checkbox Send training and phishing to group
checkbox Coming soon: Contact automation and integration

Reporting Center

checkbox Phishing Campaign Statistics
checkbox Report Exports
checkbox Per-User Action Reports