Securecast Launches New Training Service

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There is no denying that phishing attacks are on the rise because they work. Phishing threats exploit your employee’s trust and expose your firm to financial and reputational risks including: compromised accounts, misleading purchases, wire fraud, and installing time consuming and costly malware (ie: Cryptolocker among others). Securing your organization today takes more than an email gateway security appliance built to block Spam and Viruses, while complex phishing risks sail on through. It takes ongoing employee training and awareness to help your employees identify and avoid what spam filters miss.

“Many organizations see the risks of phishing attacks industry wide and want to educate their employees” explains Securecast co-founder Dan Fox, “Up until now training solutions proved too costly, too time consuming and too complex to deploy. We set out to change that by making a tool that is user friendly, low cost and automates much of the complexity that stands in the way of securing your firm”

We invite you to visit to learn more. Signup for our solution takes only a minute and you can begin training your employees to spot phishing threats for as little as $1 per credit.